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Doggy Hugs And Me

Doggy Hugs - Natural dogs treatment

After years of working and volunteering with dogs, with my experience as

a bio technician and a certified therapist of holistic medicine for animals, I developed the Doggy Hugs remedies.

Over the years i discovered that many dog owners are left desperate without any real solution to their dog behavior issues.


The options they have are either psychiatric medicine or daily frustrations dealing with their beloved dog.

I have encountered many dog owners who have even considered putting their dogs up for adoption out of frustration, despite their great love for them.

Doggy Hugs is the natural, simple and most effective answer for situations where a dog's unpleasant behavior complicates day-to-day life, leaving both owner and dog suffering.

Doggy Hugs helps to conveniently and gradually  improve the dog's behavior and emotional balance, enabling him to integrate with the daily flow of the owner's life.

Within a few weeks, the dog's behavior becomes less extreme, more calm and attentive to the owner's wishes.

Before giving up, or taking extreme measures, give yourself and your dog the gift of  Doggy Hugs Remedies.

The quality of life will improve for you and your beloved dog , forever.


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