Frequently Asked Questions

How do I give my dog the remedy?

The remedies come in liquid form. Give 8 drops of Doggy Hugs Remedy twice a day. Drip directly into the dog's mouth using the dropper, or place 8 drops on a treat and offer it to your dog. Repeat twice a day until the bottle is empty. Continue treatment until you see an improvement in the dog's behavior. In stress-related situations, it is possible to give 8 more drops of the remedy.

How would I select the best remedy for my dog?

Answer the questions in the Questionnaire. Please select the answers that describe your dog most closely. If none of the options in the questionnaire suit your dog’s description, please select the Custom Made remedy and describe your dog in your own words. The custom made remedy will be concocted especially for your dog.

What are the remedies made of?

The Remedies are made of glycerin water and Bach Flower remedies.Bach Flowers have the ability to affect the dog’s emotions positively. Treatment with the flowers can remove emotional pains, reduce stress and improve the dog’s behavior. The Bach Flower Remedies are made 100% naturally from spring water infused with wild flowers, either by the sun-steeped method or by boiling. The Remedies are hand produced. The Remedies contain 27% grape based brandy as a preservative.

Is it safe to give my dog the remedy alongside other kinds of medicine?

Normally there is no problem with taking Doggy Hugs remedies alongside other medicines. The active ingredient in a flower remedy is energy from the plant, not a physical substance, so it will not interfere with the physical action of the other medicine. Nor will the other medicine stop the remedy from working. We advise to consult with your veterinarian or your dog’s health advisor before using an alcohol-based remedy, especially if you have been advised to avoid all traces of alcohol in your dog’s treatment.

How long does it take for Doggy Hugs remedies make a difference?

After a week or two you should start noticing a positive change in your dog’s behavior. The dog’s confidence will rise, he will be more relaxed and calm, his level of happiness will increase.

Sometimes when the emotional problem is very deep and long-term, the change in behavior can take more time. Be patient and continue with Doggy Hugs remedy treatment, the results will come soon.

When do I stop giving my dog the remedy?

When the problem that is being treated has gone. There is no need to continue giving the remedy to your dog if you are satisfied with your dog’s behavior. We do recommend to treat your dog with at least two bottles consecutively and observe the changes in behavior until you are confident that it is the ideal outcome for you.

Are there any negative effects that my dog can experience?

No. The remedies have positive effects and cannot under any circumstances cause the situation to worsen

Is it safe to give the remedies if my dog is pregnant?

Yes, it is safe. However, if you have any worries on this score we would always advise that you consult your dog’s veterinarian.

Can I use the remedies to train my dog instead of a dog trainer?

The remedy is an easy, natural and simple treatment for improving dog’s behavior.

As a first option, it is recommended to treat your dog with Doggy Hugs remedy before considering any other the dog is already in a training program, for best results, it’s ideal to give the remedy along with the training sessions.

What happens if I forget to give my dog the remedy? Is it important to give the remedy consecutively?

It is very important to be consistent and give the remedy to your dog twice a day. If you forgot or missed giving the remedy to your dog, give him 8 drops of the remedy as soon as possible. If you haven’t been consistent with giving the remedy more than 24hr, start the treatment from the beginning and consider setting some sort of a reminder (for example: alarm clock, giving the remedy along with feeding your dog etc.). It is recommended to order two remedy bottles in advance to assure consistent and continuous treatment.

What are the changes in my dog’s behavior that I am supposed to notice?

You’ll start noticing positive changes in your dog’s behavior. The remedy will help your dog to feel more relaxed, confident and happy. The negative behavior will decrease with time and the more you persist with the remedy treatment, the positive change in your dog’s life will increase.

What if I can’t find a stable remedy for my dog?

In case you can’t find any suitable remedy for your dog, Choose the Custom made remedy and we will make a customized remedy for your dog’s behavior. This remedy is made according to your dog’s description and to issues you listed in your description.

What is the custom made remedy?

The Custom made remedy is a remedy prepared especially for your dog’s behavior. The remedy is made according to your dog’s description and to issues you listed in your description.

Can I use the same remedy for two different dogs?

You can use the same remedy for two dogs ONLY if you filled in the questionnaire for each dog and in both you got the same remedy offer.

Are the remedies also suitable for treating cats?

Yes! The remedy is also suitable for the cats

Can Doggy Hugs Remedies help my dog if he is sick or going thru a medical procedure?

Doggy Hugs Remedy are not a replacement for medical treatment. However, it is recommended to give your dog the Doggy Hugs remedy alongside the medical treatment for emotional health support.

*NOTICE: In medical cases, the recommended remedies are: Ray of Sunshine, Rise and Shine, Custom made Remedy.

In what temperature should the bottles of the remedy be stored?

The Bottle of the Remedy should be stored at temperature below 75◦F (or 23◦C). It is safe to store the remedy bottle in the fridge.

Is it safe to treat my dog with the Remedies long-term? I am worried that if I’ll stop my dog’s behavior will go into regression.

It is safe to give the remedy to your dog as long as needed according to directions listed on the remedy bottle. Doggy Hugs remedy is not an addicting essence.

However, it is recommended after a period of time to stop giving the Remedy and observe the dog’s conduct and behavior. If you are satisfied with his change of behavior there is no need for further remedy treatment.

If after the treatment my dog’s behaviour has improved, can I still keep an extra bottle of Doggy Hugs Remedy for stress related situations?

Yes, it is always recommended to have a bottle of Doggy Hugs Remedy for any stress-related situations.

For any stress-related situations you know about in advance (family trip, Independence Day fireworks celebration, new baby coming etc.), start giving the remedy a week before.

Is it OK to switch between the different type of Doggy Hugs remedies if I think that my dog’s behavior has changed?

If your dog’s behavior has changed, you can switch between remedies in the following way: First finish the current treatment with the remedy till the bottle is finished. Then begin the new treatment with the new remedy.