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Natural remedies for dogs | Go With the Flow | Natural dog remedy for treating dogs anxiety, dogs depression and fearful dogs

Go with the Flow

SKU: 8002

A remedy for dogs that are going through changes in life,

or are traveling by car or plane 


  • Preparing your family dog for a new baby
  • Prepping Your dog for a New Puppy in the house
  • Moving apartments with the dog
  • The dog is afraid of car rides
  • You are about to fly with your dog
  • The dog is going through big changes


The remedy will help your dog adjust to a new home, successfully ride a car or travel by plane and bravery overcame big changes in his life




  • “Every time we go traveling we want to take Goldy with us

    She used to weep and howl and scratch the windows,

    It was a nightmare - I couldn't drive with Goldy in the car.. 

    Now the change is obvious, and we love taking our dog with us wherever the family go's!”

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