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Natural remedies for dogs | Calm and Confident | Natural dog remedy for treating separation anxiety in dogs

Calm & Confident

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A remedy for dogs with scared or anxious behaviour, usually the dog had suffered an intense emotional trauma:

  • The dog is anxious
  •  The dog is frightened of new people or dogs
  • The dog is terrified from any sudden movement
  •  The dog has separation anxiety- Separation from home or from owner
  • The dog is urinating or defecating when afraid, anxious or excited
  •  shivering or shaking
  •  Knocking teeth or “moping”
  • The dog was negligence or has been physically abused
  • The dog was adopted from a shelter or dog pound
  • A dog that wandered in off the street and you want to tame
  • The dog was not exposed to people or other dogs

The remedy will help calm your dog, he will feel safe, more secure and confident.

  • “Thank you for the drops for Lily

    She had just finished 2 bottles and the improvement is significant! 

    we finally got read of the panic attacks


    The word must be spread! :-)”