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Natural remedies for dogs | Custom remedy extracted to help with your dog specific behavioral challenges

Custom Made Remedy

SKU: 8012

At DOGGY HUGS, we offer a personalized consultation service that allows us to create a specific remedy for your dog.


Why choose a customized remedy?

You take the emotional health of your dog seriously, don’t you?

You have probably already tried everything without satisfactory results. If so, it's time for us to get to work!

You have to tackle the problem at the root in order to make a real difference.

Our customized remedies are specifically designed to meet the precise needs of your dog and address their emotional problems at the root.

Customized remedies can be used for almost any type of condition and they work particularly well for dealing with behavioral problems.

No matter what difficulties your dog is facing (anxiety, fear, depression, problems of dominance, etc.) we can create a custom remedy to treat the cause and not just the symptoms.

  • “Lucy is barking again.

    Her confidence had returned after years of constant anxiety.

    she's less aggressive towards other dogs,

    and more peaceful.

    The drops have definitely made a positive effect!”