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Natural remedies for dogs | Easy and Relaxed | Natural dog remedy for calming an aggressive dog barking constantly

Easy & Relaxed

SKU: 8004

A remedy for dogs with aggressive or dominant personality and aggressive behavior:

  • The dog is  in a dog training program
  • The dog is a territorial dog , guarding and protecting the house
  • The dog is barking constantly ,reacting in nervousness
  • The dog was not exposed to people or other dogs
  • Preparing Your dominant dog  for a new baby
  • Prepping Your 'Top Dog' for a New Puppy in the house
  • Alfa dog training - Positive reinforcement
  • dominant dog breed

The remedy will help relaxing your dog, he will feel more serene, peaceful and carefree.

  • “It's agreed unanimously - Oscar is really nice now!

    The drops seems to  work amazingly!

    Thank you very much.”

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