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Natural remedies for dogs | Good Nature | Natural dog remedy to help if your dog is chewing furniture or scratching the door

Good Nature

SKU: 8006

A remedy for dogs with aggressive behaviour that damage and destroys the house:  

  •  The dog is chewing on furniture
  • The dog is Scratching at The Door
  • The dog damage and destroy property when he’s left alone
  •  House soiling -The dog regresses to urinating or defecating inside the house:
    • Urinating to show submission - to another animal or to a human
    • Marking territory

The remedy will help reduce the amount of destruction from tension-relieving oral tendencies or Behavioral house soiling.

  • “The Remedy is like magic!

    I didn't believe that one day Alfy will be so calm

    He is rarely barking so the house is quiet,

    and I don't "bark" at Alfy any more!

    Thanks so much.”

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