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Natural remedies for dogs | Ray of Sunshine | Natural dog remedy for treating dog depression and aging dogs

Ray of Sunshine

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A remedy for dogs that seems sad and hopeless from time to time for a known or unknown reason:

  • A senior dog-your  beloved dog enters his senior years and is dealing with signs and issues associated with aging
  • The dog is sad due to an unknown reason
  • The dog cry a lot, often unexpectedly -“moping” or “mood changes”
  • The dog suddenly shut down and sleep all day
  • another dog in the pack died
  • sudden change in dog's behaviour
  • Appetite changes
  • Loss of interest-  the dog become less active, slow down, or seem to lose purpose


The remedy will help to return the dogs joy of life, he will feel more excited, pleased and happier

* The first thing to do if you notice a behavior change is to have your dog checked by your vet.

  • “Joy relay enjoy to take the remedy!

    At the beginning I was worried he would not take it.. 

    But in the minute Joy notices the bottle in my hand

    he comes and sit next to me and waits with anticipation!”