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Natural remedies for dogs | Safe and Sound | Natural dog remedy for treating scared dogs and anxious dogs

Safe & Sound

SKU: 8003

A remedy for dogs that are afraid of loud noises and terrified of specific sounds:

  • The dog is anxious in stormy weather- thunder and  lightning
  • The dog is afraid when a car drives by or an  airplane cross the sky
  • The dog is scared of getting a haircut
  • The dog is terrified of fireworks on Independence Day
  • The dog is nerves  when he hears sudden noises
  •  The dog  bark at every noise

The remedy will help calming your dog, he will feel more relax and less sensitive to loud noises and sudden sounds

  • "Shandy slept with me in bed every night Before the fireworks trauma .

    ​Thanks to the droops treatment, last nights she came coddling up with me again!

    Shandy is coming back to herself!

    she is confidence and running happily again!"

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