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At Doggy Hugs we believe that simple and natural is 

the most healthy

Because your dog deserve 

nothing but the best!

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How will I know which remedy is best

 for my dog ?





“Lucy is barking again.

Her confidence had returned after years of constant anxiety.

she's less aggressive towards other dogs,

and more peaceful.

The drops have definitely made a positive effect!

Yaniv, Acre

 natural remedies for dogs

"Is there really such a thing ?"

 Frequently Asked Question 

Is your dog suffering from separation anxiety ?

Is your anxious dog cry every time you leave the house ?

Is it chewing your furniture and shoes or constantly scratching the door ?

Do you try to get it to stop barking with no luck ?

Is your dog constantly seem depressed ?

Our 100% natural remedies will calm your dog on one hand, and lift up its spirit on the other.

Having an anxious dog could have a large effect on your every day life, and both you and your dog deserve more!

We encourage you to browse through our different remedies, read our happy customers reviews, and learn how our remedies helped in improving their dogs behavior.

We invite you to start a new journey with your beloved dog, by naturally addressing it's emotional needs!

Doggy hugs natural remedies for dogs - the solution for your dog behavior problems!